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The Knolls of Murrieta

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The Knolls of Murrieta

The Knolls is a 55+ community made up of three units: 

Spring Knolls,  Warm Spring Knolls, and Golf Knolls. 


Each unit has its own club house and governing board.  It is a community for independent living, where you own and care for your own home.  Whether you are a person with a need to be involved in activities or just want to live a life of quiet solitude, The Knolls offers many opportunities for most everyone. 


For many of our residents, there is a history of which they have been a part of and look back on with a certain pride and familiarity.  Our newcomers bring fresh ideas and interests.  It is with a great deal of hope for the future that we look to one another with respect and tolerance. 


We welcome you who are looking for a place to be a part of something greater than just a house to live in, a place you can call home for many years.


Historical Note

Guest Article by Juanita Koger


It was 1990 and the citizens of Temecula had just voted to officially name their city.  The Murrieta Hot Springs resort was an international spa that brought people to visit from all over the world.  But, its glory days as a meeting place for the Hollywood rich and famous were long gone.  Spring Knolls and Warm Spring Knolls were established communities, and Golf Knolls was in the process of becoming one.  Each new day saw another home being added.


Warm Spring Knolls was still a family community and the majority of its homes dated to the 1970’s.  It wasn’t the well-kept place we know today:  Landscaping was poor or none, broken shutters hung from the windows, and dilapidated cars rested in driveways.  We’ve come a long way since then and now our beautiful yards are tended with care. 


As Warm Spring Knolls transformed into a retirement community, the Board of Directors struggled with following outdated CC&Rs and Bylaws – which had been written in the 1970’s.  Order and organization were hard to come by.  In fact, some Board meetings were like scenes from a Saturday bar room brawl.  Association business was barely conducted, and shouting was the most commonly used means of communications. 


And sadly, at times there were even physical confrontations.  Long-time residents might recall those days with a shudder.  Where you there?  Did it turn you away from even considering attending Board meetings?  Join me now and turn to present day board meetings.  These past years have seen us grow as a Homeowners Association.  Each new year sees a Board of Directors that conducts meetings efficiently and respectfully according to CC&Rs and By-laws that have been updated to be in compliance with the law and to meet the needs of our community. 


Reports are given by Board Directors, Committees Chairs, and specialty volunteers and minutes are taken.  Homeowners in attendance are encouraged to express their concerns, ask questions about Association business, and share their ideas.  Some even come just to express their thanks to a director or to the Board in general for all their time and hard work that has given us a well-organized, efficiently run Association.  Hard to believe? Come see for yourself. Attend a Board meeting. You will be pleased to meet and get to know your neighbors and you might leave feeling proud of how well the business of our Association is conducted.  Continuing to give us a lovely community in which to live and to enjoy life.

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